• Advertising


    Sooner or later, company owners will be confronted with the question of whether it makes sense to advertise on promotional items. The range of possibilities available today is vast - and it starts with graphics on the company car.

    The choice of the type of medium plays a central role in the planning and implementation of advertising campaigns.
    My job as a graphic artist is it, to stage the message in such a way that it not only reaches its target group, but also leaves a lasting impression.
    Classic advertising materials include:
    Printed commercials (ads), car lettering, promotional items, give-aways, textile prints, beach flags, banners, billboards and much more.

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    In times of digitalisation, printed products assume a whole new status.
    In contrast to the fast pace of the online world, we experience printed materials as a more relaxed and persistent form of communication. The feel and look of printed matter play a very important role.

    Added value through high-quality finishing

    Print products, especially if they are produced to a high standard, convey quality, worth, but also the intrinsic value and status of a company. Refinement options or even die-cutting and textured embossing create the "WOW effect" and make an impression on the viewer.
    This increases brand recognition and the significance of the printed material in a deliberate way.

    In addition to classic prints such as stationery, brochures, flyers, folders, magazines, newspapers or posters,
    I also develop die-cuts or leaflets depending on your requirements.
    Promotional prints such as car lettering, signs or banners are also part of my portfolio.

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  • Logodesign


    Your logo is a statement, it is the cornerstone of your brand. Everything else builds on this key message. The logo is the trademark of a company - the representative word/image brand, both hallmark and signature of a business.

    The logo puts content in a nutshell.

    It evokes associations and is the visual marker for brand recognition.
    Are you a start-up company looking for a logo?
    Or do you have a logo that no longer reflects your company philosophy or business image?
    Maybe you want to reposition your brand and are considering a relaunch?

    Whatever your need: I am happy to be your creative partner in the exciting process of developing your very own individual design. Gladly unconventional, but always professional. You can rely on that.

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  • Corporate Design


    Consistency in the way a company presents itself - a corporate design - is the foundation for recognition and thus crucial for brand building and image consolidation. The central element of any corporate design concept is the logo - the entire corporate identity is based on this cornerstone. Equally important, however, are colours, fonts, individual design elements and rules for their use.
    A consistent design which follows defined guidelines for all communication media and products of a company is indispensable for a coherent overall image.

    The Corporate Design serves as a guideline to ensure a uniform appearance.

    Together we develop your brand identity. Depending on the requirement, my customers receive an overview in the form of either a small guideline or a comprehensive Corporate Design Manual.

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